After the close of the curtain from our Sunday performance last year of Children of Eden,  the cast and crew shared moments together backstage like no other show we have ever been a part of. Through all the tears, the hugs, and the laughter from the students and the staff, we were reminded why we "give up" our summer to be a part of this program. We often say that the summer musical program is a family. Though many people might find this statement cliché, we believe wholeheartedly that it is true. The reason that we do not feel as though we "give up" our summers by participating is that those of us that the program really means something to cannot imagine our summers and our lives without it. Our last two summers with Parade  and Children of Eden  have taken the company and our audiences on an emotional journey that we will not soon forget.

This year, we hope to give our company and our audiences a far different, yet equally fulfilling experience as we present the musical Shrek, based on the popular animated movie. On its surface, the story of Shrek  can appear rather thin and the message rather trivial. However, when you stop and think about it, the story of Shrek  sends a very valuable message to audiences of all ages about what happens when we treat people wrongly because they look different, act different, or come from somewhere else. This modern musical is filled with memorable and entertaining characters, offers tremendous music and orchestration, and takes audiences on a fantastic journey along with many of the old fairy tale characters that we have grown up with.  

For much different reasons than the past two years, we are extremely excited to present this show this summer and are energetic about the creative possibilities that a show like this will allow. This show is a BIG challenge in so many ways that will keep us busy and engaged all summer long. We know already how excited many of you are to audition for this show and we look forward to sharing your enthusiasm for the show with hundreds of new audience members this year! Come join us for what will be another memorable WCSC Summer Production!


Warrick County Summer Musical Staff
Announcing the Cast of Shrek the Musical
Alex Aydt
Adam Bastawros
AJ Binney
Becca Blanke
Caitie Broadwater
Kyle Burgess
Grant Burnett
Colin Culliver
Kathleen Davis
Maddie DePriest
Nikki Dixon
Andrew Durgy
Andrew Eberhard
Jake Ellsworth
Eli Fanok
Maria Fruit
Annabelle Gladding
Emmalee Gladding
Alex Hardgrave
Lauren Harpole
Emily Hawkes
Cole Henrich
Karlie Holman
Matthew Holt
Grace Jefferson
April Kuhnert
TJ Lasmarias
Ben Lobel
Austin Marchino
Savannah Marchino
Maxi McDaniel
Kaitie Moore
James Morgan
Joshua Morgan
Montana Muelbauer
McKenna Peach
Christi Phelps
Trevor Purkiser
Chase Reising
Stasia Reisinger
Matthew Schulte
Joseph Shoup
Jacey Stewart
Kinsey Strupp
Katie Suthard
Lauren Terry
Larkan Thompson
Cassidy Tron
Ben Ulrich
Emma Vassy
Lexi Williams
Tara Williamson
Grace Wolfinger
Gabi Wy
Duloc Dancer, Villager
Knight #4, Duloc Dancer, Villager
King Harold, Papa Bear, Knight #1 
Duloc Dancer, Villager
Guard, Villager
Papa Ogre, Grumpy the Dwarf, Guard
Big Bad Wolf, Knight #3, Guard
Little Pig #1, Guard
Greeter of Duloc, Duloc Dancer, Villager
Alice in Wonderland, Villager
Guard, Villager
Guard, Villager
Guard, Villager
Pinocchio, Thelonius
Young Shrek, Guard, Villager
Gingy, Voice of Bluebird
Duloc Dancer, Villager
Guard, Villager
Duloc Dancer, Villager
Sugar Plum Fairy, Tapping Rat, Skeleton Dancer
Wicked Witch, Tapping Rat, Skeleton Dancer, Duloc Dancer
Peter Pan, Duloc Dancer
Teen Fiona, Little Red Riding Hood
Pied Piper, Duloc Dancer
Duloc Dancer, Villager
Little Pig #3, Tapping Rat
Little Pig #2, Knight #2, Guard 
Captain of the Guard, Duloc Dancer, Villager
Lord Farquaad 
3 Blind Mice, Skeleton Dancer, Duloc Dancer
Blind Mice, Tapping Rat, Skeleton Dancer, Duloc Dancer
Mama Ogre, Mama Bear 
Guard, Duloc Dancer, Villager
Guard, Duloc Dancer, Villager
Shoemaker’s Elf, Tapping Rat, Skeleton Dancer
Humpty Dumpty, Duloc Dancer
Baby Bear, Duloc Dancer
Dragon, Rapunzel 
Mad Hatter, Duloc Dancer
Bishop, Guard, Villager
Princess Fiona 
Duloc Dancer, Villager
Duloc Dancer, Villager
Queen Lillian, 3 Blind Mice, Tapping Rat, Skeleton Dancer
Guard, Villager
Tinkerbell, Duloc Dancer
White Rabbit, Guard
Ugly Duckling, Duloc Dancer
Fairy Godmother, Duloc Dancer
Snow White, Duloc Dancer
Duloc Dancer, Villager
Guard, Villager
We would like to ​thank all of the students who demonstrated interest in the Warrick County Summer Musical program by auditioning for Shrek. The amount of talent, passion, and commitment we witnessed in the four hours of auditions was amazing. Unfortunately we are not able to include everyone who auditioned in the musical because of the number of students who auditioned this summer. For those students we did not cast, we encourage you to audition for the 2016 Warrick County Summer Musical. 

The Directors & Staff
Celebrating 18 Years                                   in Warrick County
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