From Stephen Schwartz  (music and lyrics for GodspellPippinChildren of EdenThe Prince of Egypt, and Wicked . . . to name a few) and John Caird comes a joyous and inspirational musical about parents, children and faith . . . not to mention centuries of unresolved family business!

Freely based on the story of Genesis, Children of Eden is a frank, heartfelt and often humorous examination of the age-old conflict between parents and children. Adam, Eve, Noah and the "Father" who created them deal with the headstrong, cataclysmic actions of their respective children. The show ultimately delivers a bittersweet but inspiring message: that "the hardest part of love . . . is letting go."

The musical Children of Eden is now in the top 20 of musicals most frequently licensed by Music Theatre International, which is unusual for a show that never played on Broadway. It's popularity has spread by word of mouth. The score is a favorite of many Schwartz fans and includes a vast range of styles beyond "typical" broadway. The love song "In Whatever Time We Have" is thought to be the most popular Schwartz song performed at weddings.

Children of Eden is perhaps the least describable Schwartz musical because it holds meaning on so many levels. The excuse for the story is Genesis - both the first books and the story of Noah's ark. But audiences immediately experience that the relationships between Father, Adam, and Eve has more to do with earthly families, their immediate challenges and their generational legacies.

Children of Eden can be breathtaking if done well, and delightful in any case.
July 17-20, 2014
Music and Lyrics by: Stephen Schwartz
Book by: John Caird
Based on a concept by: Charles Lisanby
Orchestrations by: Bruce Coughlin and Martin Erskine
Children Of Eden
 Is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).
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After the wonderful summer we had last year with Parade, we wanted to choose a show this year that would continue to challenge our students in a different way, but might allow for a wider range of audience members to attend. Amanda and I produced this show at Central High School and it has always been one of our favorite shows we have ever been involved in and includes a song that we had sung at our wedding. Children of Eden is truly an "Ensemble" show, using the entire cast to tell a story about family conflict, growing up, identity, raising children, and accepting those around us for who they are. All of this is framed loosely around the Book of Genesis, specifically the stories of Adam and Eve and Noah and his family.  

This show allows us a tremendous amount of flexibility to use the large number of talented people that we have available in a variety of different ways. Many of the most popular musicals have 3 or 4 leading roles, maybe a couple supporting parts, and then a song here and there for a Chorus. Since this musical focuses on Adam and Eve in Act I and Noah and his family in Act II, we can possibly use separate actors for the leading roles in Act I and Act II, with the exception of the role of Father. In addition to these 9 leading roles, there are 6 speaking roles, a singing/dancing snake made up of a number of males or females, a core of featured dancers in several songs, a tremendous amount of solo vocalists, and a large ensemble that would include up to 20 younger performers. Ensemble shows like Children of Eden feature the entire cast for the majority of the show to help tell the story, allowing cast members to be on stage for nearly 75% of the time (similar to shows like Cats).

We are so excited to present this beautifully-written musical that is filled with such memorable and challenging music. Like so many people I know who have done this show before, I am certain that this will be one that you will remember having participated in for years to come!

- Eric Antey 
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